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​Cielos de Córdoba - Federico Falco

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Cielos de Córdoba by Federico Falco

Genre: Narrative / Novel

Language: SPANISH (Argentina)

Cielos de Córdoba is the initiation story of Tino, a preteen who has an autistic father revealed by UFO's, and a mother hospitalized in a public hospital, a space through which he moves and appropriates himself, as if it were his personal cosmos. You have to be very obtuse not to empathize with their ramblings, their thoughts and way of life.

In 2004, Federico Falco was given the Young Writers Award by the Spanish Cultural Centre of Córdoba, Argentina. Falco's written also two poetry books, Aeropuertos, aviones (2006) and Made in China (2008)

Printed in Argentina (2013)
ISBN 978 987 1959 20 4
Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm
Bookbinding: Soft cover
102 pages


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