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​ La pintura de la voz by Virginia Gil Rodríguez

A writer discovers the importance of handwriting in a not that fictional world in the future. In SPANISH
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La pintura de la voz by Virginia Gil Rodríguez

Language: SPANISH

Young adults / Narrative / Spanish literature

In a future not that far away, La pintura de la voz is a book for young adults and adults where the main character, a writer, discovers the importance of the hand writing when she visits her grand mother. This book invites the reader to remember where we come from, to know where we are going to and to remember that nowhere is far away, while at the same time evoking the power of handwriting, the importance of personal contact and unconditional love between a granddaughter and her grandmother. A wonderful metaphor of the excessive use of electronic devices and the importance of reconnecting with handwriting and the little special things of life, family and friends.

About the author: Virginia Gil Rodríguez. Spanish writer author of En la Calle Mayor, En el Corazón de París, La pintura de la voz, Clara and 57 segundos.

Pages: 136

ISBN 978 19 877 09629

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