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La Tundra is an independent printed magazine and online platform written in Spanish in London. Because we love our language  and we love exploring more in deep our ideas, passions and creative world but always thinking of a global culture that grows every day.

We are not the same all the time: serious, bizarre, creative, human, entertaining and critic. While distributed in our exclusive circuit of embassies, consulates, bookshops, libraries, universities, festivals and concerts, most of our readers are culture and arts professionals and students.

Our aim is to reach new audiences in the UK showcasing well-established artists but also supporting emergent talents and festivals.

La Tundra printed edition is written in Spanish, although the main articles are translated into English for the web, so you will find bilingual versions of the most interesting stories.

As a media we are always happy to back cultural projects.

A fresh and modern rediscovering of our real nature.

Join us at any time!

La Tundra, the London’s magazine in Spanish.

La Tundra
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